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Post  Suyog Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:58 pm

Few things to be done and which can be done.
1) Adding identifier and pvp npc @ mid kafra of pront
2) Cell's besides kafra and disguise npc to be made unvendable and unwalkable
3) FMB and BG should be made Transferable
4) To add kafra in lutie
5) Guild Storage
6) Food Poring Event
7) Removing @main and adding broadcasting NPC @ some cost
Cool Support System ( Raising Tickets for complaints and suggestions )
9) Ranker NPC
10) King of Emperium Hill ( If we can add it ) **once a week**
11) Disabling use of B.wing in PVP
12) Vote for Points
13) Donation Mall
14) Anti WPE/RPE ( In coming Future )
15) Mounts ( In coming Future )
16) Costume Eqps ( In coming Future )

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